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Buy Ibogaine Capsules Online


Buy Ibogaine Capsules Online

Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African tabernanthe. Iboga root eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior

Tabernanthe Ibogaine HCL
$228.00/ Gram

Tabernanthe Ibogaine TA
$76.50/ Gram

Iboga Capsules 3 x 35 Capsules (300 mg)
$184.00/ Gram

Tabernanthe Ibogaine Root Bark 20 Gram
$85.00/ Gram

Buy Ibogaine Capsules Online

Buy Ibogaine Capsules Online from Are You in need of a Legitimate Supply of Ibogaine ? Search no Further You Have Fine the write supplier kindly go through Our Menue of Products and emmidiately place your order. Once that is done and agent will contact you directly and update you on shipment.

Iboga Capsules For Sale

Buy Ibogaine Capsules Online for sale from is a therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions. We ship world wide without any problems. Treatment info and all help you need about our products are also provided.
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Are you tired of your addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

We have high quality to Buy Iboga Online products from (Ibogaine hcl, iboga TA, iboga capsules, and dried iboga root barks).

Buy Ibogaine Capsules Online or Buy Ibogaine hcl has been proven to be the most influential herbal plant to cure addictions. When correctly applied, the results is 100% effective.

We offer Iboga pre-packaged in capsules, which helps with dosage and ease of consumption. Each capsule is 300mg. Buy Ibogaine Pills online

Iboga is traditionally consumed as root bark shavings, which are chewed then swallowed over many hours. Our root bark comes from Cameroon and Central Africa harvested from root bark sustainably

How Do People Use Ibogaine Capsules?

Ibogaine from is an indole – alkaloid with antiaddiktiva and hallucinogenic properties. It is primarily extracted from the tropical plant Tabernanthe iboga, which is native to West Africa near the equator. Ibogain has also been isolated from the bushes Tabernanthe manii , Ervatamia yunnanensis and Ervatamia Orentalis . All these shrubs are members of the Oleander family (Apocynacae) [ 1 ] . Ibogain has been noted for its ability to abort abuse , mainly of opiate type, ie heroin , morphineand codeine [ 2 ] and in animal experiments have also produced results in the cure of alcohol , cocaine , nicotine


300mg, HCL, TA


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