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Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms


Buy The #1 Best Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Today 

Buy The #1 Best Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Today 

Penis Envy mushrooms are one of the most potent (and desirable) strains of psilocybin mushrooms. In this Website, we’ll go deeper into the details of #PenisEnvyMushrooms, how to prepare for he experience, the background story of the mega dose phenomenon, and some guidelines working up to those levels. 🍄 Want grow your own reliable supply of penis envy mushrooms and other types of mushrooms for your own healing journey?

Grab our Mushroom Grow Kit. It’s the simplest way to get a reliable source of high-quality mushrooms in the comfort of your own home: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapters 00:20 What is Penis Envy? 00:55 Why people like Penis Envy mushrooms 01:41 Important Guidelines for working with Penis Envy 02:00 Insane High Dose Story of Kilindi Iyi 03:00 Kyle Kingsbury and the high dose cult 04:11 Working up to Mega Doses 04:50 Growing Penis Envy Mushrooms ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Penis Envy Mushrooms: The World’s Strongest Psychedelic Mushroom?
Penis Envy Mushrooms: The World’s Strongest Psychedelic Mushroom?

We sell micro-dosed So You can Take  1.2 grams. Took .6, waited 30 minutes, took the other .6 and have a wonderful 3 hours expirience. You Will Definitely Feel great afterwards.

Effects Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms:

You Can Also try only try Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms For Your First Time, fairly recently we have Been Getting Positive Feedbacks from Our Firstimers. Some say They felt the effects after 20 minutes When they try along with their 3 other companions, almost like a timed reaction.

We each had 1 infused chocolate bar then went for a walk around the nearby lake with fresh snow and zero cloud cover. As soon as they hit we knew, it was already a pretty night but our senses came to life. The snow shimmering in the street lights was amazing and the stars so bright. By 40 minutes in the 4 of us could be split into 2 groups. 2 needed to sit down and wrap up cosy in blankets that were prepped before hand and enjoy the galaxy projector light and listen to music they also felt very cold.

The other 2 myself included felt very warm and it was like I lost the ability to sit so we went for another walk in the snow. I found the living room too much of a sensory overload. The ivy in the wall paper was running up the walls and the birds and butterflies were flapping around. It wasn’t scary, just too much to take in.

The outside to me was calm and beautiful. After my 2nd walk I could sit in my living room and tolerate the wallpaper, however when someone asked me to reheat some dominoes pizza I had to regrettably tell them “it’s not possible, I can’t catch the box” it was vibrating quiet profusely on my hob. We all found this funny especially as 2 of them had forgotten how to use their hands. All of us had a great time and enjoyed each others company aswell as our experiences.

Two of us did feel mild nausea at the beginning but not vomit inducing more of a mild travel sickness that once you accepted quickly disappeared. I look forward to trying them again and will probably slightly increase the dose or have a second dose around an hour in. My only other reference regards mushrooms is Liberty Caps and would say they are more of an ultra stoned on weed feel whereas Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are more how you would imagine psychadelics stereotypically, I saw faces with no features, patterns and shapes morphing.

The level of detail I could see on the ice and snow crystals was beautifully awesome. As with any drug do it responsibly, with people you trust and enjoy the company of and don’t be afraid to underdose, there is always next time…. Also ditch the tech, honestly I couldn’t remember how to use my TV remote so had to use my phone to google it only to find out I didn’t know how to use my phone


14g, 28g


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