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Is 2024 Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia Now Available

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Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia

Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia

What’s the different between Molly and E

Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia
Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia

In the 80s and 90s it was much more prevalent to get pressed pills referred to as ecstasy. The active ingredient in ecstasy is MDMA. So, you still have people who call pressed pills E/ecstasy and refer to crystal MDMA as MDMA when they should always be the same thing. Whether you have crystal or a pill, test it before you ingest it.

Is 2024 Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia Now Available

Well no, not really?

Maybe its different in the US, but even though pills in Europe can vary they are generally loaded with amphetamines, caffeine or stuff with similar effect and its noticeably different to the progressive, sometimes trippy MDMA experience. Pills generally seem simpler and less tricky then pure MDMA. Though, true, the pills in Europe today are so strong they’re starting to get more MDMA-like.

Still people will usually prefer one or the other. I’ve seen some folks make capsules with crushed E and MDMA combined. Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia

E is a pressed pill. They originated in Europe in the 90s where drug laws specifically stated that drugs in very small amounts for personal use was not as offensive. So people started putting their 1 or 2 days worth of ecstasy in a single pill so they if they got caught, it wasn’t as punishable.

So major tip, if you’re experimenting with pressed pills, TAKE A QUARTER OR HALF FIRST, they were literally designed to be more potent. Pressed pills were the norm in the 90s and early 2000s, from people I’ve talked to, some colors would give you different effects. I’ve been told Green ones were akin to an Indica experience. (Haven’t personally experienced this).

However now, it’s generally agreed upon that anything can be pressed in with your pressed pill, and websites like Pillreport popped up for the community to crowdsource their experiences. (ie. if I had a bad experience with a Red Tesla, I can upload a photo of the pill, my experiences, and the city I bought it.)

Molly is rock. Often times purple. Most people put them in capsules by .1g increments and that’s called a point. 10 points in a gram. However I prefer to munch it. I fun dip my pinky in the bag of and often times bypass tough come ups as it’s put into your blood much faster through your saliva and you end rolling faster than if you swallow a point. This is really easily messed up tho if you’re not experienced and I would recommend points for your first few times.

Hope that helped!

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Like other people have said, Molly refers to pure MDMA (though still can get rocks of M that has been cut with another drug) if it’s purple it’s still MDMA just with a different precursor than MDA. Ecstasy refers to pressed pills of MDMA, filler compounds, and most typically some other drug, usually a little meth.

And before people want to chime in with “change your plug/dealer”, if you don’t actually test your pills than you don’t really have room to talk about E not being cut very commonly. Is 2024 Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia Now Available

What is a appropriate dosage of ecstasy for a nice high?


I took ecstasy for the first time on a rave a few weeks back. I had never taken anything before so I had no idea of what to expect. I took it with a friend who hade done it a lot of times before so I completely trusted them. My friend told me that we could take a half or the whole thing, which was about 350 mg. Keep in mind that my friend is high most of the time and doesn’t really have any sense of consequences.

I was excited and really wanted to feel what it was like to be high so I stupidly agreed on taking the whole thing for the first time. Mind you that I am a 5´4 female that weighs about 120 lbs. I’m young so I have a pretty fast metabolism so it kicked in about 20 minutes after I took it.

We were on our way to the rave with the subway when it started to hit. I felt like I had no control over my body, I spoke very weirdly, like either super fast and repeatedly or in slowmotion. I could barely walk without and everything was spinning. My jaw was shaking uncontrollably and my left eye crossed inward with was extremely unpleasant and scary. However when I had barely arrived at the rave I did have a lot of fun and I was very lovey and social to people.

After some time at the rave my friend told me she wanted to take another one, I was still very high and scared about what was happening to my body, but I couldn’t make proper decisions so I agreed and we split another one. So in total I took about 525 mg ecstasy my first time. After that I literally don’t remember much other than that my eye was still fucked and my jaw was clenching like crazy.

I also felt really nauseas but I didn’t throw up. The days after I had the worst comedown. I swear I had bitten off small chunks of my tongue, I could literally se the marks of my teeth on my tongue. I had a headache, was nauseas, had a lot of anxiety and was depressed. And I was still high the day after but not in a fun way. I literally felt like my brain didn’t work and I was just really slow at everything.

So my question is, if I would to try it again and just wanted to feel a bit warm and lovey without any crazy hallucinations and not being able to control my body, how much should I take? And would my eye still become fucked the next time I take ecstasy even if I take a much smaller amount? Like am I doomed to have a fucked eye every time I take ecstasy or was it just because I took way to much?

Looking To Get Standard Dose For Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia

100mg is a standard dose. Literally just take this And you’ll feel amazing. I’m a 200lb 6’2″ man and I personally usually only take 75-80mg. This is plenty to feel a euphoric high.

200 is a good get really fucked up once in a year dose

300 is either a misunderstanding of what the dose is or extremely irresponsible

400+ is into the permanent damage dosage. You won’t have fun at this level. Only people that have serious mental problems would recommend this much.

This was way too much. Recommended dose is from 1,3mg/kg (female) – 1,5mg/kg (male) bodyweight. My rule of thumb is to not go over 250mg per night. My initial dose is: Bodyweight x 1,5mg/kg X 1,1. I don’t like to take pills because you don’t know how much MDMA or other substances they contain. Therefore I prefer to use MDMA Crystals which I weight myself and put in capsules. Also I recommend you to buy a set of Testkits from Amazon. Next time pls ask in r/drugs

most pills are like 200-250mg max and even so it’s not 200mg of mdma because pills have caffeine, amphetamine, mdma, you don’t really consume 200mg of mdma like the crystal form. Purchase Dutch Champagne MDMA Crystal in Australia

To answer your question, just start with 1/2 a pill and 2-3 hours later if you feel like it, drop the other half. no need for more. my suggestion is to just buy mdma in crystal form, it’s more pure and you just need to do like 100mg and then slowly redose if you need.

The even better suggestion is speed, one of the best drugs to rave that you can do it way more often than mdma and doesn’t give you the comedown like mdma does. i’m talking about amphetamine, not meth. i’m european


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