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Buy Biscotti weed strain Online


Buy Biscotti weed strain Online


9/04/2023– New Batch

  • OG Green Profile
  • High Concentration of Trichomes
  • Strain Graded at (AAAA)
  • Dank Nose
  • Medium / Small Sized Buds

Buy Biscotti weed strain Online

Are You Looking For A Legitimate Store To Buy Biscotti weed strain ? Au-Psychedelics is #1 Dealer in Weed Biscotti acrose Europe and Australia. You can Order from our top shelf legitimately Without the Fear of Been Scam as it is now common now our Days. 

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How strong is Biscotti weed?

Biscotti successfully emulates the high of a sugar rush followed by the kind of satiated relaxation that usually comes from snarfing a bag of cookies. The small, colorful buds have a THC content of 21% or highermaking Biscotti one of the most popular strains available today.

How many mg is strong weed?

THC dosing
Effect Limited to no THC tolerance Some THC tolerance (smoking)
mild > 2.5 mg 2.5–5 mg
moderate 2.5–5 mg 5–10 mg
strong 5–10 mg 10–20 mg

Biscotti Strain Appearance, Aroma & Flavor 

Biscotti has spade-shaped buds. These dark olive green beauties are covered by a thick frosty layer of white crystals and dark orange hairs. The hybrid has an identifiable cookie flavor with notes of sweet, sugary, spicy, and nutty.

Its aromas range from earthy to fruity, herbal, nutty, and sweet. When smoked, the hybrid produces a sweet smoke with a rich spicy exhale.

What type of weed is Biscotti?
An indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Gelato #25 with South Florida OG, Biscotti was bred by the Cookie Family of San Francisco, namely Jai Ching, best known as Jigga.
Kaufen Sie die Unkrautsorte Biscotti online

Suchen Sie nach einem seriösen Geschäft, um die Biscotti-Unkrautsorte zu kaufen? Au-Psychedelics ist der führende Händler für Weed Biscotti in Europa und Australien. Sie können rechtmäßig in unserem Top-Regal bestellen, ohne Angst vor Betrug haben zu müssen, wie es heutzutage üblich ist.

Und wenn Sie jemanden benötigen, mit dem Sie vor der Bestellung sprechen können, können Sie uns direkt über unseren Telegram-Kanal kontaktieren oder uns direkt über unser Kontaktformular eine E-Mail senden

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